A student wrote an impressive analysis of equality versus equality. This is applicable to academic research and policy work across the Global South.


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Equality. A hope, a goal for the future. Something many view as the light at the end of the tunnel, the final destination.

Equality is when everyone is provided the same resources, opportunities, and materials to work with. It seems that with such a thougt process everyone should end up on the same platform. A goal worth acheiving. There is no argument that equality wouldn’t put us as a human race many steps ahead of where we are now. However, we can’t view it as the end. We can’t “achieve” equality and call it day, because the story doesn’t end there. The roots of the problem aren’t completely addressed. Equality doesn’t hold all of the fruits that we think it holds.

In this process of wanting equality we forget to factor that each one of us is differeent, with different needs, and different problems. We are too diverse for a…

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