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I typically try to triangulate my blog posts by checking with several different sources on most things I write. However, for the few posts about my fieldwork in Ogoniland I purposefully won’t be doing that. I am trying to process the data that my subjects have provided me with on its own merit.  In trying to solve the puzzle of how and why Niger Deltans choose the mobilization strategies they do, I am trying to view their communities and the state from their perspective. Intentionally, these posts may be biased, but this one is particularly so because I am merely relaying information I was told by Ogonis. In other words, this is a purely Ogoni account and readers should also do outside research on the Andoni perspective, which will differ.

In Ogoniland one of my preferred political events to ask my interview subjects about is the conflict they had with the neighboring Andoni community from 1993-1994. Ogonis had been “looking for trouble” (a common Nigerian term) for a year or two before this, as Ken Saro-Wiwa had returned from abroad to try to mobilize the Ogonis to assert their rights against oil exploitation by Royal Dutch Shell in partnership with the Nigerian state. He had led marches, sit-ins, and rallies.  Churches in the area had begun to use services as a time for praying to God to assist the Ogonis in their struggle.  In contrast to other groups who sought jobs, social amenities, money or other positive rights from companies and the government, the Ogonis were unique.  They were the only group demanding autonomy in the form of their own kingdom.  If this could not be realized, then they would settle for their own state within the Nigerian federation. Saro-Wiwa was a learned man who preached to them about the power of the pen.  The Ogoni movement was avowedly anti-violence, which made it difficult for the government to find a reason to clamp down on them.

From the perspective of the Ogonis I have spoken with, the Andonis were coerced by the Federal Government (FG) to create violence that would serve as a pretense for a crackdown.  Most Ogonis are not clear whether Andonis were fed false information about their neighbors, or whether they were paid by the state to start fighting, or if they were simply armed and that was enough to make Andonis lead the initial attack.  Although the Ogonis and the Andonis had lived side-by-side for generations using the same fishing rivers, in mid-1993, probably around September, the Andonis attacked a boat of Ogoni fishermen as they came back from sea. This territorial dispute marked the beginning of the conflict.  As Ogonis tell it, Andonis raided the Ogoni villages where I conducted my interviews, with my second site, Kpean, suffering the worst.  My respondents were unclear whether it was Andonis or actually federal soldiers who committed the acts, but over the next nine months or so half of Kpean’s homes were burned and much of its property destroyed.  Soldiers began inhabiting the houses, as all the residents had fled into the bush.  They would sneak back into the village at night or times when they thought the soldiers were gone in order to grab food or personal effects, or to try to sleep. No one agrees on how many people died, as I just repeated heard, “too many” or “uncountable.” My respondents said that they felt the conflict ended because the Andonis depleted their resources and the federal government no longer feared collective action in the area.

Half of those I spoke with felt the war was started by the state in order to excuse their use of violence in stopping Saro-Wiwa’s movement.  The other half felt that is was purely territorial, because Andoniland offers prime access into Ogoniland’s oil sites. By paying Andonis with weapons and allowing them to plunder their neighbors, the state was buying geographic access to Ogoni oil. No respondents felt that the Andonis had acted on their own.

I think that conflict has forever shaped the way the people of Kpean view their government. Rightly so, they seem to avoid interaction with the state at any cost.  They avoid police, courts, lawyers, soldiers, or national politics.  Most feel comfortable with chieftaincy, but increasingly look to church as a means of problem solving. Pastors have become the sole mediators and the guardians of conflict resolution mechanisms for many clans. Although there have been no eruptions of violence between the communities since there, tensions persist, and pastors simply do not have the power to reign in such conflicts if they escalate.  When the state feels like an aggressor instead of a protector, and chiefs may be suspicious of other chiefs, it seems difficult for communities like Kpean to remain peaceful.

A building in Kpean reportedly burned by soldiers during the Andoni conflict.
The grave in a family compound of a woman killed during the Andoni conflict.

13 thoughts on “The Ogoni and Andoni Conflict

  1. The view is one-sided. You only have accounts from the Ogoni side. No record from the Andoni side. So conclusions may be faulty.


  2. Like the. Writer said, he is biased. He cared not to investigate the issue but to promote ethnic hate on the Andoni clan. Well. Communal clash. Between both groups runs 10years intervally since the time of Bonny-Andoni when Ogonis aided. The Bonny people to oust the Andoni communities in present Bonny Island. And 1993 was the last and remains the last that both groups will be angry at each other. Aside this historical. Detail, the war of 1993 had nothing to do with Federal Government or Oil companies. This is because Shell operates in Andoni and also committed the same crime that was committed in Ogoni but as usual the Andoni clan had no one prominent enough to speak for them. Internationally or Locally as they have always keep to themselves and go about their daily duties. The war was a misunderstanding at the river, when some Ogoni fishermen went missing and it as adjudged to be Andoni crime due to the heat of MOSOP protests and the biased insinuation that during Ogoni-Okrika war, the Andonis, Kalabaris, Nembes all aided Okrika and as such market women and passers by. From Andoni where harassed at Kaa and Kono waterfronts, which where the easiest routes of Andoni to Port Harcourt. When the molested people defended themselves and fled into their towns, Dema City, an Andoni village at the boundary with Khana-Ogoni was attacked. Women, children, few elders and youths were massacred and the Andonis where warned to avoid trespassing on Ogoni kingdom. Thus set the tone for a full fledged ethnic war of which both parties regretted it till date. Today the Andonis and Ogonis no longer quarrel rather they. Negotiate. And try to promote intermarriage which was like a taboo since the war in colonial times between the Andoni and Bonny that brought the enmity. The internationally community does not help matters. Trying to be sympathetic with the Ogonis they destroy the reputation of other ethnic groups and paint them as devils even without investigating the realities. They take sides carelessly and present unbalanced accounts of events in African countries. It is very bad.


  3. One sided reportage or not , Andoni was jst a cover used by d state and oil giant shell to pepertrate atrocity in ogoni. All to allow Shell easy access to Ogoni oil which d Nigeria nation state feed on for it’s existence


  4. Historically: the conflict between these two brothers”Ogonis and Andonis started in 1933,1953, 1973, and 1993. The last time I checked, Every 20yrs intervals, Ogonis n Andonis always clash. The writer here if I may ask a question. Did u ask any Andoni Man, woman or even a child questions regards the causes of 1993 conflict? I was 20yrs when the conflict started and I witnessed it and a pertaker but u got yours information through Oral tradition sources. No Andoni Man can attest to the fact that he/she knows what was the Ogonis were agitating for becos an average Andoni Man is busy looking for his daily bread in the River perhaps this left us to be known as the MOST peaceful people in the Niger Delta Region. The Causes of Ogoni – Andoni conflict. Or the Modern ethnic hatred displayed by Ken Saro Wiwa. On August 18 1993, Andonis never envisaged that her sisters (OGONIS) can give them (ANDONIS) surprise attack in KAA market in Ogoniland where different tribes always meet on dialy basis for business transaction. On that fateful day two Andoni people were wounded by merchets cut which led to the death of one of them yet Andoni people do not react. On 19 August which is the following day, our women were also attack, rape and all their goods were also stolen from them and yet Andoni people became even more resolute in her maintaining peace because an average Andoni Man sees Ogonis as their blood brother. These ideas necessitated the ANDONI COUNCIL OF CHIEF to have written letter to OGONI COUNCIL OF CHIEF to interven in the looming crisis yet there was no reply. The Ogonis went as far as killing all Andoni Students both in Secondary school in Kaa and Bori Polytechnic in BORI which I vowed not to allow my relatives to school in any part of Ogoniland. The last time I checked: “No tribe is an island of Warriors” At this point, there was a massive return of ANDONI people all over the World like the Kala-Ido in Kalabari, Okuru in Okrika, Ibeno, Oron in Akwa-ibom, Ogoloma in Okrika, Abua, Eastern Obolo, Ohafia etc. They summoned a meeting seeking for peace from their brother OGONIS which make them wrote to the Governor ADA George to interven in the looming crisis. All these period the Andoni people remained calm While they were waiting for Government intervention. The same Ogonis carry out unexpected attack on 8 ANDONI Communities which left one hundreds and twenty three peoples killed both women, children, pregnant women aged men n women. These people called Ogonis are very wicked in nature, they are carnivorous animals. They slew Andonis and eat their meat. They showed us our men skulls. They are barbaric! Bcos even Andoni women that married to Ogoni men were all slew. They also committed sacrilege; killing children, women, pregnant women, aged men in a church. The deadbody of pregnant woman was found in a WELL at Ajakajak with unborn baby. They succeeded in destroying the following communities: Ajakajak, Dema, Samanga, Egbormu, ISI-obiama, udung AMA, but they could not destroy Ibotirem bcos is a strong and Brave Community etc. In September the Andoni intercepted engine boat of smugglers numbering about eighty two persons in Oyorokoto in Andoni Ocean but refused to slay them rather allow innocent people whom we confirmed are from Ogoni to go. The Andonis also carry out reprisal attack after series of subsequent attack on Andoni people. If u know the history of Ogoni-Andoni conflict I challenge u for a debate and stop giving purported History on Social Media thereby promoting ethnic hatred.


  5. As an Andoni man, I feel constrained to comment, your account is imbalance and untrue since it is drawn from a one sided account of the crisis that rock the Andoni and Ogoni people. It is therefore baseless and unfounded.


    1. Please reread my first paragraph. The entire first paragraph is saying that I didn’t “triangulate my data” (I didn’t check it against other sources) and that the post is simply relaying information Ogonis told me. Let me reword the first paragraph because I must not have made that clear.


  6. [1] I love the Writer for one thing, She admitted that her view is one sided, owing to the fact that her lines here are only based on the Ogoni Narrative( I Smile) [2]Point of Correction, any Ogoni man who told this enormous Falsehood that Andoni people were the first to Attack, Won’t make Heaven even if He/she called upon the Creator, Ogoni people are know to be Trouble makers in anywhere you found them(not disdaining Ogonis) to some extend, it’s like the Education some Ogonis had n how far they had gone Projecting the Ogoni Struggle made some of her leader and Fellowers went Wild and Sought to annexed the Andoni land as part her territory as she sought for a Kingdom of her Own, Ken Saro Wiwa had already mentioned the Important of Oyorokoto Island in Andoni, which He Said Should had being National Port, ahead of Port hacourt Port, Onne Port n Eleme Port Rivers State because of Her Position in the Mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, Ogonis went into the war not Knowing that Andoni People are people who lives n found New Clans beyond Rivers State, I know that no Ogoni Elder will Spur Ogonis to War Against Andoni people in the entire Life, Ogonis forgot that Andoni people are Warlike in Nature maybe they thought that their Education n often Population Claim could guarantee them Success(Ogonis has what they haven’t told the World about the very Remote and Immediate Cause of the War) no wonder after the War a News paper Writer in Bori, Wrote in one of his Headline “OGONI. AND ANDONI. WHO IS FOLLY” if not that the young man was Smart his own people would have had him for a meal


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