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UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_89I am currently a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Rwanda’s Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management (CoEB). I analyze the nexus of gender politics, law, and environmental conflict. I am transitioning away from looking at oil conflicts, which was my focus in Nigeria, towards minerals and environmental policy in Central Africa. Currently, I am examining the gender dynamics of Rwanda’s growing mining sector. I am looking at the gender impacts of mining operations, the role of women in extractive activities, and the interaction between state law and traditional law on the ground. In addition to my research, I will be starting as full-time teaching faculty in the Global Challenges program at African Leadership University in 2020. I am based in Kigali but travel around Rwanda extensively.

I completed a research fellowship at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (SCAR) at George Mason University Korea. I hold an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Law and Society from New York University (2015) and an interdisciplinary M.A. in Human Rights from Columbia University (2008). My interest in African sociopolitical affairs began during my Peace Corps service in Mozambique (2004-2006) and was further fostered during my Boren Fellowship to study the Igbo language in Nigeria (2011-2012).

As part of my work on forced displacement, I am also an active contributor to the Africa Research Group at UNSW’s Kaldor Center for International Refugee Law in Australia, Emerging Scholars and Practitioners in Migration Issues (ESPMI), and I am now contributing to a book on everyday insecurities for the Migration Institute of Finland.

I am also an international consultant with a local firm. My collaborative work has mostly focused on gender mainstreaming, legal analysis, and environmental studies. I have contributed to the planning of baseline studies, audits of national budgets, and impact assessments for NGOs and government agencies. I specialize in structuring qualitative methodologies for both short-term and long-term projects.  I see my academic research, my mentoring of graduate students, and my consultancies as all mutually buttressing.

I am a member of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development, International Studies Association, International Association for the Study of Forced Migration, Law and Society Association, and the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic, and Social Policy for the Theme on Environment and Peace.

You can contact me via email at I only use Twitter sporadically, @LaineMunir.

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